Welcome to the PS 321 Pandamonium

Everything is changing form these days, including our school poetry journal, which is now right here at your (online) fingertips. 

In these uncertain times, many of us find relief and fortitude in poetry, both reading it and writing it. Poetry is, the poet Rita Dove says, “language at its most distilled and most powerful.” In these pages, you’ll find that power. We hope you’ll peruse the journal with your child and find the collective voice of our whole school here a source of comfort and joy.

Come on in, your Pandamonium journey awaits.

– The Pandamonium Team

Pandamonium 2020 was made possible by PS 321 student poets, with the generous help of their parents, as well as Sarah Sampson, Lauren Gropp Lowry, Melih Onvural, Nigel Spong, Hillery Stone, Laura Kenney, Mariko Zapf, Megan McKeever, Kate Henk, Sarah Leer, and the teachers and staff at PS 321.